Tomakomai Hokuso Koun Kaisya,LTD,

  • 苫小牧北倉港運
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T. M. Hokuso, Ltd.
152-248 Yufutsu, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1372, Japan
Phone: +81-144-53-5600
FAX: +81-144-57-8555

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Announcement from T. M. Hokuso, Ltd.

Announcement from T. M. Hokuso, Ltd.
  01-Jun-2020 New Boad Members
  01-Dec-2016 We have updated our homepage. It can now be viewed from smartphones!
We are working hard to expand our business as a distribution contributor.
In addition to goods distributed to and from Hokkaido, we are also thinking about helping out with coordinating the "safe, secure, and swift" delivery of customer goods from within Japan to overseas.

Business Profile

Business Profile
<<Tomakomai Hokuso Koun Kaisya,LTD,>> 152-248 Yufutsu,Tomakomai,Hokkaido,059-1372 JAPAN TEL:+81-144-53-5600 FAX:+81-144-57-8555