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T. M. Hokuso, Ltd.
152-248 Yufutsu, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1372, Japan
Phone: +81-144-53-5600
FAX: +81-144-57-8555

Port Transportation Business

 As a port transportation business, we load, unloads, and sorts out cargo from ships at ports and delivers them to warehouses.
 We also inspect the loaded cargo and carry out the delivery certificates. 
 We obtained a port transportation business license in 1970 and serve as a cargo handler of goods transported to Tomakomai Port and deliver them to our customers.
<<Tomakomai Hokuso Koun Kaisya,LTD,>> 152-248 Yufutsu,Tomakomai,Hokkaido,059-1372 JAPAN TEL:+81-144-53-5600 FAX:+81-144-57-8555