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T. M. Hokuso, Ltd.
152-248 Yufutsu, Tomakomai, Hokkaido 059-1372, Japan
Phone: +81-144-53-5600
FAX: +81-144-57-8555

Freight Handling Business

・For our freight handling business, we sign contracts between customers and cargo, and use external transportation methods (trucks, ships, airplanes, etc.) to deliver goods. 
Domestic Transport Industry (Domestic Shipping/Automobiles)
・The domestic transport industry utilizes a wide range of transportation methods such as domestic and international vessel containers, domestic vessels, ferry chassis, and trucks to deliver goods safely, securely, and swiftly. 
International combined transport operator (International Shipping)
・We conduct door to door international distribution services to deliver goods from Japan to the rest of the world and from the rest of the world to Japan using various transportation methods and global networks to meet our customer needs.
<<Tomakomai Hokuso Koun Kaisya,LTD,>> 152-248 Yufutsu,Tomakomai,Hokkaido,059-1372 JAPAN TEL:+81-144-53-5600 FAX:+81-144-57-8555